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About Us


Syscomp Electronic Design was incorporated in 1979 to develop custom electronic and computer equipment. Syscomp developed the first computer-based moving grid intervalometer for aerial photography and the first computer-based mixer for theatrical sound effects. Other notable projects included a solar telescope guidance system, a virtual tour guide for a Bat Cave exhibit and a telemetry system for an aerial photography balloon.

In 2005 Syscomp moved its focus to the Open Instrumentation Project, to provide cost effective measuring instruments for students, engineers and hobbyists. The first two products were DSO-101 oscilloscope and WGM-101 waveform generator, both USB driven instruments using open software. Syscomp has just recently begun the roll-out of the second generation of USB instruments, including an advanced waveform generator, the WGM-201, and an advanced oscilloscope, the DSO-201. Development continues on a range of new products.


The principals in Syscomp Electronic Design are James Gaston and Peter Hiscocks.

Peter Hiscocks taught Electrical Engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto, from 1971 until 2005. His technical skills range over a wide area, with a focus on analog circuit design, EMI, and thermal management. Hiscocks is active in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and rides a bicycle in downtown Toronto traffic for excitement.

James Gaston obtained his Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Ryerson University. He undertakes a complete spectrum of responsibilities for the design of electronic systems including conceptual design, firmware development, software, mechanical design and production. When James isn't designing electronics he finds new ways to injure himself playing sports.

Both James and Peter are registered professional engineers in the Province of Ontario.