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CGR-201 Announcement

Posted by James Gaston on 5/8/2015 to Products
We are pleased to announce a new model of the popular CircuitGear series: the CGR-201. We are referring to this instrument as the Mark II since it is a significant upgrade to the original CGR-101.


From the outside, the CGR-201 appears to be similar to the CGR-101: same size and weight, same USB connection. Inside, it's very different with a whole host of new and improved features.

Sample rate increase to 40MSamples/sec.
Scope preamp bandwidth increase to : 5MHz +/-0.2db.
Faster update rate: 10 updates/sec
Increased data: 4x more points per waveform.
Deeper waveform memory: 4k samples.
Hardware shift on scope preamp.
AC/DC coupling.
Strip chart mode.

Arbitrary Waveform Generator
50 ohm generator output.
Hardware waveform offset.
Longer arbitrary waveform: 2048 samples.
External and internal waveform trigger.

Digital Input/Output
Hardware support for digital waveform capture and generation.

Individual windows per instrument
Resizeable scope display.
As previously: Open Source, runs on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

Down the road these new hardware capabilities will support new software capabilities.  No promises yet, but we are looking at an oscilloscope Zoom Waveform function and Digital Protocol Analysis.

The complete datasheet is available on the Syscomp Website:

All of these features are available at a price similar to the original CGR-101: $169.00 USD.

The CGR-201 Mark II and Mark II kit are currently available from stock.
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