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DSO101 Software

Main Oscilloscope Display

Vertical Controls
Each of the independently-sampled input channels features a full hardware preamp with seven input ranges from 50mV/division to 5V/division.
Timebase Controls
Examine a variety of different signals with a 21 step timebase from 50ns/division to 200ms/division.
Trigger Modes
Automatic, normal, manual and single-shot trigger modes are available.
Trigger Controls
Precise 8-bit digitally adjustable trigger level on either channel. Examine pre or post trigger events by dragging the timebase cursor.

Advanced Measurements

Automatic Measurements
The graphical user interface automatically measures the frequency, period, average, maximum, minimum, and peak-to-peak values for both input channels.
Cursor Measurements
Use the on-screen cursors to measure waveform features. Time cursors allow the user to measure the period and frequency of waveforms. Voltage cursors allow the user to measure the amplitude of a waveform.

Screen Capture

JPEG Screen Captures
Easily export JPEG screen captures of individual windows with a single click of the mouse.

Hi-Resolution Browser

Examine Your Signals in Detail
The high resolution browser allows you to download and examine the entire memory of the digital scope. You can select arbitrary amounts of data and view them on the main scope display or with other add-ons such as spectrum analysis.

Spectrum Analysis

Real-Time FFT
The spectrum analysis tool allows you to simultaneously view the frequency spectrum while the input signal is displayed on the main scope display. An easy-to-use cursor is an intuitive way to make magnitude and frequency readings.

Math Toolbox

Real-Time Waveform Math
The math toolbox allows the user to simultaneously display a mathematical combination of the input signals along with the original signals on the main display.

XY Mode

X/Y Plot
Use the simultaneous XY plot mode to display the Lissajous Curve or create a simple curve tracer. The image below displays the characteristics of a Zener diode using the XY plot mode.


Histogram Display
The histogram tool allows the user to view the distribution of samples for each of the input channels.

Export Waveform Data

Export Directly to Excel or Open Office
The Export Waveform feature allows you to export timebase and signal data to a comma separated value file for further analysis in Excel, Open Office, or the program of your choice.

Custom Calibration

Custom Tuning
For advanced users who want maximum accuracy from their instrument, the vertical calibration utility allows you to individually calibrate each of the preamp settings.

Save Settings

Hold it Right There!
Save the current scope settings to a configuration file that can be loaded to restore the vertical settings, timebase, and cursor positions.

Add Your Own Features...

Open Source Code
The oscilloscope graphical user interface is open source software. We encourage users to learn about the software, modify it, and create their own features...