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New Product: DC Power Supply

Posted by James Gaston on 7/29/2015 to Products

We are pleased to announce a new product, the DC Power Supply PSM-101.

Power Supply

Consistent with other Syscomp products the PSM-101 has all-electronic controls and a backlit LCD for setting the output and reading the internal status.  Small, light and with a rounded outline package design, it easilyfits a pocket or knapsack.  Like all lab power supplies, the PSM-101 has adjustable output voltage with adjustable output current limit: zero to 14 volts at up to 1.25 amps.  It's protected by multiple safety mechanisms.

The PSM-101 is priced under $100.  Another version, the PSM-101A, includes USB control and open-source software for an additional $25.

The combination of the PSM-101 power supply with a measuring instrument like the CGM-101 or CGR-201 CircuitGear forms a complete electronics laboratory: light, compact, portable open-source instruments, affordable by students and hobbyists as well as engineers.

The PSM-101 is in stock and ships immediately.

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