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Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2014

Posted by Peter Hiscocks on 1/20/2015 to Products

With drones and kites overhead, surrounded by nerf-gun weilding, cardboard clad stormtroopers, crowded by thousands of visitors and among an incredible variety of Maker exhibits: Syscomp attended the 2014 Toronto Mini Maker Faire at the Toronto Reference Library. James 3-D printed some servo-actuated eyeballs, controlled via a CGR-Mini PWM output, that continuously scanned the crowd. (One eyeball died by the end of the second day. They were inexpensive servos.)

The best part: visitors who said 'I have your stuff, it's great', then telling us how it's being used.

Most unexpected question, from several visitors: How is (the CGR-Mini) different from an Arduino? Our answer: You build an Arduino circuit. It doesn't work. Now what? That's where we come in. You need our stuff to troubleshoot your circuit.

The Faire was very well organized and very well attended - there were 14,000 visitors in two days.  It was exhausting but fun.  We'll be back next year.  And we're looking at some other Maker Faire events.

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