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Weekend Project: LED Flasher for Bicycle

Posted by Peter Hiscocks on 10/29/2014 to Technical Papers
LED Flasher
Winter is coming up here in the Great White North.  Evening and darkness now comes early. Bicycling will continue until snow and ice arrive, hopefully several months from now. However, it is incredibly important to be seen when bicycling in the dark. A bicycle without illumination is completely invisible in the dark.

LED lighting is a mixed blessing - the colour temperature is often very cold and the small emitting area means they can be a source of glare. But for lighting up a bicycle at night, they are terrific. A flashing LED light is bright and gets the attention of car drivers. And it can operate for months off an AA battery.

It’s also possible to design a custom LED lighting system. One of the family members showed up with an LED strip that had been obtained at Canadian Tire with the request that it be somehow powered up for use on a bicycle.  Check out this technical paper for more information.
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