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Equip Your Electronics Lab

Build your electronics lab for a fraction of the cost of benchtop instruments. Our full-featured products are powered by open source software to provide all the features an electronics enthusiast needs.

Syscomp produces unique, computer controlled instruments powered by open source software

"Got the scope. Took only 15 minutes to get it hooked up and diagnose my I2C problem."


Syscomp instruments are portable and packed with powerful features. All instruments include open-source PC software for Windows, Linux, and Mac.


Does your next great invention involve electronics? Then reach for a Syscomp Instrument and get debugging anywhere, any time, for a fraction of the cost of other test gear.


No more reliance on school labs and equipment. Now you can carry your electronics lab in your backpack. Work anywhere anytime with our intuitive electronic test equipment.


Equip an entire electronics lab or class for a fraction of the cost of benchtop equipment. Conduct live demonstrations by connecting our test equipment to your classroom projector.

“We have integrated oscilloscope commands of the CircuitGear in our own test programs. It works great.”