Custom Graphic User Interface for the CircuitGear CGR-101

Larry Janus of Tube Equipment Corporation has sent us images of a custom graphical user interface he developed for the Syscomp CircuitGear CGR-101.

Larry is using the CGR-101 and this custom software to plot the amplitude and phase vs frequency response of audio transformers. He is also using the digital outputs of the CGR-101 to drive reed relays that connect various terminating resistors to the transformer under test. The graphical user interface is written in the LabVIEW programming language.
The GUI runs on a touch-screen equipped tablet, which eliminates the requirement for a mouse. In addition to LabVIEW, we have heard of custom CGR-101 software being built with Tcl/Tk, Visual Basic, C++ and C# (C Sharp). Any language that can talk to a serial port will work.

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