About Us

Syscomp Electronic Design produces unique, computer controlled instruments powered by open source software. Our instruments feature capabilities for professionals or educators yet are affordable enough for those who enjoy electronics as a hobby or students looking to equip their electronics lab.

Our Mission

Electronic lab instruments have traditionally been large and expensive. They are typically relegated to labs in learning environments such as colleges and universities. Decades ago, computers became mainstream and revolutionized the way humans work and learn. Syscomp aims to produce affordable instruments using an open source platform that makes them just as accessible to those in the field of electronics as modern day computing.

Our Vision

Syscomp exists to equip students, technicians, hobbyists, and engineers with the tools they need to work with electronics wherever and whenever they want.


Syscomp instruments are designed to be cost effective while providing a broad range of features.

Open Source

Syscomp instruments are powered by open source PC software for Windows, Linux and Mac.


Syscomp instruments are portable so you can set up your electronics lab anywhere.

Our Team

The principals in Syscomp Electronic Design are James Gaston and Peter Hiscocks.
Both James and Peter are registered professional engineers in the Province of Ontario.

Peter Hiscocks

Peter Hiscocks taught Electrical Engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto, from 1971 until 2005. His technical skills ranged over a wide area, with a focus on analog circuit design, EMI, and thermal management. Hiscocks was active in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and rode a bicycle in downtown Toronto traffic for excitement. Peter passed away on August 1st, 2018.

James Gaston

Chief Technical Officer
James Gaston obtained his Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Ryerson University. He undertakes a complete spectrum of responsibilities for the design of electronic systems including conceptual design, firmware development, software, mechanical design and production. When James isn’t designing electronics he finds new ways to injure himself playing sports.