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Curve Tracer Review

Howard Dicken at DM Data Inc. has written a fantastic review of the Syscomp CTR-101 Curve Tracer.  Executive summary follows: This tester is recommended either as the basic equipment or as a back-up to other higher priced units in the … Read More

Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2014

With drones and kites overhead, surrounded by nerf-gun weilding, cardboard clad stormtroopers, crowded by thousands of visitors and among an incredible variety of Maker exhibits: Syscomp attended the 2014 Toronto Mini Maker Faire at the Toronto Reference Library. James 3-D … Read More

University of Birmingham – Franck-Hertz Measurement Lab

The physics department at the University of Birmingham has a neat second year lab exercise that uses a Syscomp Oscilloscope to perform the Franck-Hertz experiment.  The Franck-Hertz experiment uses electrical measurements to show the quantum nature of atoms.  More information … Read More

Oscillograph Sighting

The oscillograph in the pictures was spotted at the Hoover Dam in Nevada. (It’s an oscillograph rather than oscilloscope because it creates a permanent record.) The device was used to monitor hydro-electric power lines for transients and faults, recording with … Read More

Stand-Alone versus Tethered Oscilloscopes

An engineering friend asked me when Syscomp would have an instrument with a built-in screen, the self-contained scope. Well, never say never, but as it is, we like the having a separate instrument box – a tethered scope – using … Read More

‘Mechbot’ Analog Electronics Lab Material

Teaching analog electronics? Need a lab curriculum? Here’s some material that might be useful. The lab is based on ‘Mechbot’, an all-analog circuit mobile robot. The robot is wired to engage in a sumo wrestling competition, to attempt to push … Read More

Custom Graphic User Interface for the CircuitGear CGR-101

Larry Janus of Tube Equipment Corporation has sent us images of a custom graphical user interface he developed for the Syscomp CircuitGear CGR-101. Larry is using the CGR-101 and this custom software to plot the amplitude and phase vs frequency response of … Read More

Measuring Temperature with the DVM-101

One of our products in development includes a heat sink, where a temperature sensor operates a fan and a protective shutdown circuit to control the heat sink temperature. Testing the temperature sensor operation requires measuring the temperature of the heat … Read More