Curve Tracer

The Syscomp CTR-201 plots the voltage-current characteristics of two and three terminal electronic devices, such as diodes, transistors, MOSFETS,
JFETs, zener diodes and constant-current circuits. It measures the device under test with 16 bit resolution up to 30 volts applied voltage and 1 amp current. The hardware incorporates three current measurement ranges: 1mA, 30mA and 1 amp full scale.  The measured current can range from full scale positive to full scale negative in one sweep, without switching.

The software incorporates features such as pulsed test mode to minimize device dissipation, auto-scaling in real-time during analysis and sample-by-sample current and power limiting. Data may be logged using a screen shot or spreadsheet-compatable data file. In a teaching environment, the graphical user interface can be sent to a lecture hall screen.

The hardware is operated by Open Source software, via a USB connection, on Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. For reliability, most controls and switches are solid state.

Universal AC adapter, USB cable, and test leads included.


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CTR-201 Curve Tracer

PC-Hosted Curve Tracer in a Compact Portable Design. Powered by Open Source Software.

PDF Datasheet
User Manual
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Curve Tracer

Supported DevicesDiodes
BJT Transistors (NPN and PNP)
MOSFET Transistors (NFET and PFET)
JFET Transistors (NJFET and PJFET)
2-Terminal Devices (Current or Voltage drive)
Current Sources
Solar Cells
Emitter/Source Output Voltage0-30V
Collector/Drain Output Voltage0-30V
Base/Gate Output CurrentLow Range: 0 ~ +/-1mA (2uA resolution)
Mid Range: 0 ~ +/-30mA (20uA resolution)
High Range: 0 ~ +/-1A (200uA resolution)
Base/Gate Output Voltage0 ~ +/-30V
Rint = 4700 ohm
A/D Resolution16-bit
Power Supply48VDC/1A Included
Input: 50/60Hz, 100-240VAC