Protoboard Power Supply

The PPS-101 is a tiny, convenient dual power supply that provides the most frequently needed power supply voltages for circuit prototype board
development. The output is a pair of isolated adjustable, tracking supplies that can provide currents over 200 milliamperes on each output.

The two outputs can be tied together so that one supply provides positive and the other provides negative voltage. This is a common requirement for dual supply devices such as operational amplifiers. Alternatively, the two supplies can be stacked to double the output voltage or parallelled (with isolating diodes) to double the output current.

The high efficiency switching design eliminates the need for heavy, bulky heatsinks.

The PSM-101 uses an AC adaptor so the bulk of the power supply is away from the working area. The PSM-101 supply itself can plug directly into a prototype circuit board, leaving the workspace uncluttered by power supply cables. For additional convenience, the input and output voltages are also available at screw terminals.

An ‘Output Control’ button with indicator LED enables and disables both outputs, allowing one to disable power to the circuit under test while working on it.

The main output is regulated for constant output voltage up to the maximum output current. The secondary output tracks the main output with regulation of about 10% over the full output current range. Both outputs are current limited with LED indicators. The output can adjusted over a voltage range of zero to at least 12 volts. The PSM-101 is electrically quiet, with dual
common-mode noise filters. The output noise voltage is only 3mV peak-peak, which makes the supply well suited for audio and instrument circuit applications.

Combined with a digital voltmeter and other Syscomp instruments such as the CGR-201 CircuitGear oscilloscope, the PSM-101 creates the core of a portable, low-cost analog and digital electronics laboratory.

Universal AC adapter included.




A Versatile Protoboard Power Supply

Dual Polarity Supply

With the connections shown, the supply outputs an adjustable positive and negative voltage, suitable for powering operational amplifiers and other analog circuits.

Two Independent Supplies

The supply has two independent outputs. The outputs track each other. Each supply may be connected to ground or some other voltage.

Dual Polarity Supply with Logic Supply

This connection is suitable for powering a circuit that contains both analog and digital devices. The +12V and -12V supplies power analog devices. The three terminal regulator produces a fixed voltage (+5V in this case, derived from the +12V supply), to power digital logic.

Stacked Current Supply

The outputs may be combined with diodes (such as the 1N4004 diode) to combine the output currents for a maximum of 400mA.

Stacked Voltage Supply

The two outputs can be connected as shown to 'stack' the output voltages, for a combined maximum voltage of 24V.

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Protoboard Power Supply