Syscomp for Engineers

It has been suggested that a travelling EE should book two seats on an airplane: one for himself and one for his oscilloscope.  Fortunately that’s no longer necessary.  Syscomp instruments can easily fit into a laptop case. And they are powered over the laptop USB connection, removing the need for a nearby AC outlet.

The price of the instrument isn’t much more than a business lunch, but includes an oscilloscope, a signal generator, a vector-network analyser (Bode plotter), a spectrum analyser and an 8 bit digital input-output port. The software user interface has been designed to be straightforward to navigate and convenient to use.  One customer called it ‘a work of art’.

We are unique in providing the source code for our instruments with documentation of the application program interface (API). And this software will run under Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems.  The low cost, open software and extensive feature list make the instruments useful for the core functions of automatic test equipment or specialist instruments.

The controls are electronic so there are no switches or mechanical knobs to wear out.  The measurements can be captured to a screen shot or data file and then subject to further analysis and documentation.

Different oscilloscopes have different feature sets. The Syscomp CircuitGear series of instruments provide a unique combination of features in a small, convenient package.