Syscomp for Students

You don’t need to go to the school to use a computer, so why should you have to go to the school to use an oscilloscope?

It can be difficult to get access to school lab equipment to complete an exercise or work on a project.  You’ll learn faster and better with your own electronics lab.  All the Syscomp instruments are small and light enough to carry in a laptop bag and the CircuitGear oscilloscopes are powered over USB so AC power is not required. You can work anywhere you can set up your laptop, whether in the cafeteria or troubleshooting the electronics of a project at some remote location.

And we’ll show you how. Our equipment is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, and we provide free tutorial material and exercises that will help point the way.

Syscomp instruments were designed with a student budget in mind. Most cost less than a text book.  All of the instruments will continue to be useful long after you’ve finished school.

The controls are electronic so there are no switches or mechanical knobs to wear out.  Screen capture is a great way to document your exercises and projects.  The measurements can also be captured to a file and then subject to further analysis and documentation.

And whether you use Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems, you’re set: our software runs on all of them.