Syscomp for Teachers

For lecture and demonstrations, CircuitGear instruments are small and light enough to throw in a laptop bag and carry to a classroom.  Plug the Syscomp hardware into a USB port and the the overhead projector connection display into your laptop and you are ready to start.  No AC power is required, the hardware is powered over the USB connection.  You can then do large-screen classroom demonstration of any oscilloscope application such as AC circuits, frequency-phase response and digital spectrum analysis.

The software is platform-independent, so you can operate the software whether you are using Windows, Linux or Mac in your school.

For lab work, the low cost of Syscomp instruments makes it possible to distribute them to students for hands-on experience and education in electronic instrumentation.  All the controls are electronic so there are no switches or mechanical knobs to wear out, even in the heavy use of a student environment.  Screen capture is a great way for students to document their exercises.  The measurements can also be captured to a file and then subject to further analysis and documentation.

Here’s one example. To show the effect of an electronic filter, show time-domain display and the spectrum display of the signal, before and after filtering.  Then use the vector-network analyser to plot the frequency and phase response of the filter, relating that to the time and frequency domain results.  All this with one, small, low-cost instrument.

We support our instruments with instructional material and student exercises, downloadable from our website for free.