Analog Circuit Design Ebook

Analog operation is fundamental to all electronics. Analog electronic circuits process voltages and currents representing signals such as music, video or the position of a robot arm. At the most fundamental level, all electronics are analog in nature.

This textbook is for designers of analog circuitry, whether students, hobbyists or practicing engineers. It focuses on the use of off-the-shelf parts and designs that solve real-world problems.



Table of Contents
Sample Chapter: "Interference: Causes and Cures"

Analog Circuit Design introduces new material and new ways of considering traditional material. For example:

  • A lever diagram simplifies the design of op-amp based amplifiers and Schmitt triggers.
  • The Laplace Transform is presented as an engineering tool with a minimum of mathematics, using the computer algebra program Maxima.
  • A section on Complete Systems illustrates engineering tradeoffs in realworld design examples.
  • The Zoo shows circuits that illustrate unusual capabilities of electronic circuits, transforming impedance and other tricks.
  • Equipment cooling and electrical interference are killer problems that afflict many engineering projects. Each of these has its own chapter.

With 1000+ pages and diagrams, 340 references and an extensive index, Analog Circuit Design will be a useful reference for anyone working in this field.

ISBN 978-0-9867235-0-6